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Lagos del Mundo

“The ancient objects our grandparents possessed were handcrafted by artists from all over the country with great knowledge and commitment to simple traditional techniques. This heritage and their characteristic human approach is what we believe is often times missing in modern design in general. That is the place from where Lagos del Mundo was born, with the mission of creating simple contemporary objects made by traditional processes. We collaborate with local artisans working meticulously in adapting our modern style with their traditional handcrafted techniques preserving the uniqueness of each object.” – Lagos del Mundo


One of the most beautiful hand made processes is the properly called Cesteria. This art of braiding natural fibers forming cute objects mainly used for storage, has its mexican origin in the prehispanic period and since then, the technic has remained solid. There are around 20 or more botanical species like sugar cane, pine, or palm tree they can be made of, the latter gives our Cesto a very flexible texture & heroic personality

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