10 Must Try Dishes in Los Cabos by Hungry Mike

For some local advice of the best places to eat – we asked Los Cabos based food photographer Hungry Mike to share his  “Top 10 Must Try Dishes”. Photos and text by Hungry Mike.


“This is one of the few dishes that still remains from the original menu for a reason. Definitely a classic.” Fried Green Tomatoes by Acre


“At ‘Cafe La Sirenita’ you’ll experience a delicious home made Torta sandwich made by a Mexican grandma. It feels like you just walked into someone’s home.” Torta Cubana by Cafe La Sirenita



“My favorite choice for a big Mexican breakfast. Reminds me of a Mexican expression ‘Panza llena, corazón contento’ (Full belly, happy heart).” Green Chiliquiles with Chicken and Egg by La Esquinita


“Locally famous. This fish ceviche with a green olive pesto has become a classic.” Green Ceviche by Marinero Borracho



“This black truffle and tuna nigiri is the perfect blend of Japanese and French cuisine. Any self proclaimed sushi lover has to try Chef Yoshiaki’s menu.” Tuna and Black Truffle Nigiri by Suviche


“No better way to start the day than with a cup of third wave coffee and a warm muffin. Depending on the day you might get blueberry or banana.” Fresh Muffin and Pour Over Coffee by El Wine Shop


“This nameless taco stand is known by locals as ‘Doraditos de Birria’. Open from early until 1pm in front of the “Casa de La Cultura” in San Jose del Cabo. Ask for “Dorados” which are tacos that are left on the flat grill until crunchy.”


“Located in the food court at the “Mercado Municipal” (Municipal Market) you’ll find ‘Lonchería Zulema’. Their giant menu is a list of classic Mexican dishes. However, Zulema’s Mole is absolutely delicious and my favorite way to try it is in “Enmoladas”, enchiladas with mole instead of red/green sauce.”
“Hard to pick a favorite from Flora Farm’s menu, but my mind keeps going back to this delicious wood oven pizza with an arugula mountain.” Arugula Pizza by Flora Farms


“Stuffed with charred flank steak and served with Tomato Chipotle Chutney and Baja Honey Coleslaw – this perfectly shareable bar food served from a food cart is deliberately cut into four triangular pieces so as to scoop up the pile of guacamole it is served on.” Arrachera Grilled Cheese, Mezcal Tasting Bar at Drift San José


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