The Food Cart at Drift San José, open in tandem with Mezcal Tasting Bar on Thursday and Saturday nights, is a favorite meeting spot for both locals and travelers. The self serve concept complements the friendly and informal feel at Drift San José. The menu, Mexican Inspired Comfort Food, includes favorites such as the Arrachera Grilled Cheese Sandwich (marinated flank steak cooked over mesquite coals) with local ranch cheese served on top guacamole with a side of apple coleslaw with local Baja honey dressing. Smoked Beef Brisket Burrito served Cuban style with plantain, Smoked Marlin Baked Macaroni, Machaca Perogies (a dried beef from Northern Mexico sautéed chilies and onions), Cilantro Sea Bass Sausages on potatoes with roasted tomato chipotle chutney. Adults only. Map.

Open to the public Thursdays and Saturdays between 2:00 and 10:00

Private group bookings by reservation. Contact