Cowboy Grill

Cowboy Grill at Drift San José. Part cooking class, part supper club, part kitchen party. Our chef will share how some of the most traditional and delicious Mexican food is cooked over an open flame or in hot coals. Learn about local and seasonal Baja ingredients and ranch culture. Featuring charred meats and seafood. Hand ground chili pastes. Roasted veggie salsas and handmade corn tortillas. For desert, fresh cheeses from local ranches with grilled fruits compliment the smoky and rustic flavors. Pair with Baja wines and artisanal small batch mezcals.

To get on the list send your requested date to

1000 pesos per person. Minimum 6, Maximum 10. Booking confirmation pending chef availability and reaching minimum class size, please re-confirm your reservation one week prior.





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