The best way to contact us is by email. We do not have a full time front desk and will do our best to get back to you by the following morning or sooner. Please check if your question has been answered below…


Reservations for a mezcal tasting can be made here. Please state date, time, number of adults.


Most questions, including directions, transportation, parking etc can be found on the FAQ section of our website ….


We do not make bookings by email, please check our booking engine for availability here….


If your reservation was made through a third party booking engine such as please leave your message in your email thread related to that reservation.


Cancellations or changes must be made by email to – or from third party booking engines such as must be made through your account with that third party booking engine.


If you are running late please send us an email as soon as possible as our check-in closes at 10 PM.







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